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Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are two types of damage that can be done to your hard drive. The first is physical damage. Physical damage is damage to the actual drive where mechanical parts of the drive such as the motor fail. If you have physical damage you need to recover data from then consulting a data recovery service is an absolute must. You should not try to recover data from a physical damage scenario, it could make it worse and you could lose more data.

The second type of damage is logical damage. This is simply an error in the content of the disk caused by something such as a power outage or computer crash. A logical failure means that the data is somehow corrupted; often it didn't finish writing the data to the disk leaving it incomplete hence the logical failure when it tries to retrieve it. Logical failures are more common and some simple solutions will be discussed.

Most operating systems come with built in tools to help attempt to fix logical failures. Windows comes with chkdsk (Check Disk), Mac comes with Disk Utility and linux comes with fsck. Try running these respective programs as a first step towards fixing your problem. Often these simple tools are enough to solve your issues.

While these tools max not fix severe damage to your file system they should cover most. Advanced tools out there but often are not free and take a lot of time to run relative to their native counterparts.

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