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Data Recovery

Recovering data is today's world is different from previous times. Hard drives (hard disks) fail, computers suddenly crash, natural disasters occur. System Rescue is here to help you recover your data by offering information on data recovery.

The first place to check is the Recycle Bin or Trash Can depending on your operating system (windows/mac). Often any accidental deletions end up there. If you are on a network try asking your IT support person whether they have Undelete installed. Undelete is just like a recycle bin in a windows environment except for a network. It stores all files deleted from a network and can be a very quick and easy way to recover your data. Also if you make changes and want the original version but cannot undo them, it often keeps different version under the properties tab (right click file--> properties).

Data Recovery Software

If your data still cannot be found through these easy recovery solutions, data recovery software is an alternative. Most hard drives don't truly delete files, often they just forget they are there so you cannot access them. There is a lot of software on the internet available for recovering from this type of data loss. Try looking at our data recovery software section for possible references.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

More serious data recovery includes hard drive failures and/or hardware failures. Often if a computer crashes it is not the hard drive failing and you simply need to unplug the hard drive and put it into a new computer as a secondary drive. Your manual should have instructions for any special settings for a secondary hard drive (slave drive). Simply attach it to another computer and recover any missing files. Try looking at the hard drive data recovery section for more information.

Data Recovery Services

The worst type of data loss is hard drive failure/damage of a physical nature. This will most likely require a data recovery services.

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